Federal Premium Adds Three New Loads to Lineup of American Eagle Rifle Ammo

posted on April 26, 2018

Federal Premium has announced the addition of three loads to its American Eagle rifle line of ammunition. The new loads are meant to combine accuracy, consistency and performance on target with an affordable price tag. All feature quality bullets, reloadable brass cases and dependable primers.

New offerings include:
• .223 Rem. 75-grain FMJ; MSRP: $12.95 per 20-rnd. box
• .224 Valkyrie 75-grain FMJ; MSRP: $13.95 per 20-rnd. box
• 6.5 Creedmoor 120-grain BTHP; MSRP: $26.95 per 20-rnd box

For more information, go to federalpremium.com.


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