Barnett Releases Vengeance Crossbow

posted on May 14, 2013

Barnett has released its new Vengeance crossbow, the first crossbow to combine reverse draw technology with a lightweight CarbonLite riser. The combination produces a bow with less vibration and noise than a traditional crossbow, without giving up accuracy or speed.

The reverse draw configuration shifts the center of gravity closer to the shooter's body by moving the limb pockets closer to the trigger assembly, while the limbs face forward on the bow. The arrangement reduces the weight at the front of the crossbow, allowing the user a more well-balanced shot.

The Vengeance's CarbonLite Riser assembly further reduces its overall weight—up to 43 percent from the riser, dramatically shifting the balance point to the shoulder.

The Vengeance is available decorated in a carbon fiber finish or in a high-definition camouflage. It will be available through retailers as a complete package, with the crossbow, a quick detach quiver, three 22" arrow and an illuminated 3x32 Multi Reticle Scope.

Technical Specifications:

Speed: 365 FPS
Draw Weight: 150 lbs.
Power Stroke: 18"

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