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First Look: ZBones Stealth Bone-Conduction Headset

First Look: ZBones Stealth Bone-Conduction Headset

Listening to music or taking a call on the go usually come at the direct expense of situational awareness. The Stealth headset, from ZBones, attempts to mend that issue by taking an open-ear approach to the matter.

Utilizing the principles of bone conduction, ZBones bypass the eardrum, sending sound directly through vibrations on the head and jaw. As mentioned, this leaves the ear canal open, making it a perfect solution for sportsmen and women who may want to stay connected while remaining plugged up, or even just walking around with full awareness. 

The ZBones connect to any Bluetooth-compatible device utilizing Bluetooth 5.0 technology. They are still backwards-compatible with older Bluetooth devices, however. In terms of sound quality, the ZBones seem to lose very little over the wireless connection, and provide an excellent listening experience whether for music, or simple phone calls. The only thing to be aware of with ZBones, is folks near you may be able to pick up on what is being listened to a little more clearly than with in-ear style headphones.

Controls are simple. A power button, volume up and down button, and USB port line the bottom of the right side. The left earbud (really bonebud) contains only a Z-Function button, which can pause music, play music, or end a call with a single click. With a double click, the button will skip your current song. The headset itself is decked out in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, with a flexible tan headband connecting both sides.

For more information on the Stealth headset, which comes complete with a charging cable and foam earplugs, please visit lovezbones.comMSRP: $129.99

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