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First Look: Nose Jammer Rub On Wax Sticks

First Look: Nose Jammer Rub On Wax Sticks

The scent-control specialists over at Nose Jammer have released their scent-blocking product in an all new application system—the Rub On Wax Stick. Easy to apply to boots, guns, tree stands or any other piece of gear, the Nose Jammer Rub On Wax Stick is designed to overwhelm the senses of big game like elk, whitetail, pronghorn, hogs and coyotes. Its waxy application system, meanwhile, means the scent sticks around a little easier than similar cloud-on sprays. 

The formula contains Vanillin and other natural aromatic compounds including lignin, a major support structure for trees, grasses and shrubs. These compounds don’t alarm game animals, but instead jam the olfactory system. This happens when those compounds are delivered at concentrated levels, overloading the olfactory gland found in an animal’s nose, helping hunters to remain concealed.

For more information on the Nose Jammer Rub On Wax Stick, please visit nosejammer.comMSRP: $12.99

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