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First Look: Real Avid Level-Right Pro

First Look: Real Avid Level-Right Pro

Real Avid has introduced a simple, accurate system to ensure your reticle is properly aligned to your rifle's bore axis. Termed the Level-Right Pro, this system provides the reticle alignment necessary when exceeding a rifle's zeroed distance. If this is not done correctly, point of impact drift will grow as shooting distance increases, but the Level-Right Pro makes this process easy enough to do from the comfort of your workbench. 

Real Avid Level Pro set up on rifle
Rather than attempt to level the rifle's barreled action and the scope independently using small bubble levels and indexing scope alignment off the turret, the Level-Right Pro indexes with the radii of the barrel and the scope's objective bell simultaneously, to level the entire barreled action and scope assembly. To then align the scope reticle to the barrel axis, the Level-Right Pro utilizes a Reticle Light and a leveled Precision Alignment Grid placed behind the rifle. The light projects the reticle onto the grid, allowing the installer to simply rotate the scope until the projected reticle aligns with the grid's vertical and horizontal planes. Once aligned, simply lock down the scope rings and the installation is complete and accurate.

The kit comes with a Level-Right Pro, a Precision Alignment Grid, a rechargeable reticle light, and standard barrel and Picatinny rail attachment mounts. For more information, please visit realavid.comMSRP: $69.99

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