First Look: Real Avid Smart-Torq

posted on August 25, 2020
Real Avid has released a torque driver specifically designed for optic mounting and gun builds. The Smart-Torq is built with the sort of precision necessary when mounting scope bases and rings. Fully adjustable in single-digit inch-lb. increments, the Smart-Torq still maintains a 10- to 70-inch-lb. range. The adjustment knob improves the ease and accuracy of setting torque, with an audible and tactile “click” indicating 1 inch-lb. of adjustment (10 inch-lbs. per full rotation of the knob).

In terms of physical design, the Smart-Torq boasts a rubberized grip with a Force Assist handle, which provides the ability to securely seat the main driver and bit (with the free spinning cap) into the screw vertically, while applying torque leverage from the perpendicular plane. This allows the user to keep the bit properly seated, to prevent slipping and stripping. Internally, Smart-Torq features a unidirectional toothed clutch allowing the ability to back out screws and fasteners without tripping the torque clutch in reverse. The toothed clutch also extends the life of the tool when compared to ball-bearing mechanisms used in other drivers. 

Finally, everything comes in a high-density foam-core fabric storage case that holds the Smart-Torq, a Force Assist handle, and 11 bits that fit most optics mounting ring and base brands. The bit set also includes a square drive adapter bit to utilize with ¼” sockets (sockets not included). Included bits: T10, T15, T20, T25, 3mm Hex, 5/32 Hex, 3/16 Hex, 7/64 Hex, 90-6 Flat, 38-4 Flat, 60-5 Flat. For more information on this handy driver, please visit MSRP: $79.99


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