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Browning Ammunition Shipping 28 Nosler

Browning Ammunition Shipping 28 Nosler

Browning Ammunition has announced its Long Range Pro ammunition is now available in 28 Nosler at a number of outdoor retailers. Soon, Browning will also be shipping its BXS Copper and BXC Controlled Expansion in 28 Nosler.

Designed for superior downrange accuracy, the Long Range Pro cartridge is loaded with the Sierra MatchKing bullet. A polymer tip and boat-tail design provide very high ballistic coefficients for accuracy and consistency.

The BXC Big Game, meanwhile, is a bonded bullet designed specifically for large, tough game like elk or moose. An anodized-aluminum tip improves the ballistic coefficient, resulting in increased energy retention at longer ranges, and helping drive through tough hide and bone. The gradually thickening jacket profile, meanwhile, allows for a more controlled expansion, resulting in deeper penetration and ensuring maximum trauma.

Finally, the BXS Big Game boasts a polymer-tipped, solid-copper projectile, good for game animals from pigs to deer to elk. Maintaining nearly 100% weight on impact for deep penetration and consistent pass-throughs, copper is a tough, accurate material.

For more information on any of the above, please visit browningammo.com.

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