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Video: Hunters as Conservationists in Africa

At the beginning of the previous century, Africa was teaming with wild game. Dozens of species—including everything from impala to elephant—roamed the savannas, bush and hills. Due to early uncontrolled sport hunting, and then later poaching, many species were almost pushed to extinction. However, during the latter part of the last century the funds generated from managed trophy hunting has brought games animals like the Southern roan back to sustainable levels. An animal once destined for extinction, the Southern roan was essentially saved by hunters.


Though many find it difficult to comprehend, it is the hunters who are true conservationists. The monies they spend and the controlled management of what they take help many species all over the world thrive. This is especially true in South Africa where predators like the big cats have been pushed out of areas by humans in an attempt to civilize the landscape. The loss of these predators removed a vital piece of nature’s puzzle for managing wildlife. Hunters have filled that predatory gap.

Learn more in the video embedded above.

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