Video: Double Rifles in Africa

posted on January 10, 2020

The use of double rifles for hunting in Africa is a long-standing tradition. Once the standard for safaris on the Dark Continent, double rifles are now only—and even then, rarely—used for dangerous game. New modern rifles chambered for more compact modern cartridges have made the bolt-action rifle the premier rifle for safari, whether plains game or dangerous game are on the menu. However, double rifles, like this one from Merkel, are fantastically accurate and reliable, and they can add a level of romance to your safari that is unobtainable with any other rig.

Aside from nostalgia, the only advantage a double rifle offers for hunting in Africa is a fast second shot. All the hunter must do is pull a second trigger and he can fire the second barrel. This can be critical for dangerous game, especially during a charge, and features like auto-ejectors are a must. However, after that second shot with a double rifle, the third and fourth shots are slow to come, even when compared to very affordable bolt-action rifles.

Learn more in the video embedded above.


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