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Federal Premium Expands Edge TLR Ammunition Line

Federal Premium Expands Edge TLR Ammunition Line

Last year, the announcement of Federal Premium’s Edge TLR was an important development for those after excellent long-range accuracy and terminal performance. Designed as a hunting bullet which can be relied upon for consistent expansion to distances that are further than we should actually be shooting at game, it was released in the common .30 caliber cartridges: .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Winchester Magnum and .300 Winchester Short Magnum.

I’ve tested that ammunition, and it was more than accurate—though the deer wouldn’t cooperate for the terminal testing—but for 2018, Federal has announced that it is no longer just available in .30 caliber. There are three new offerings for this year, opening up the product line to many more hunters. The .270 Winchester and .270 Winchester Short Magnum crowd can enjoy the 140-grain Edge TLR, while the multitude of 7mm Remington Magnum shooters can now use the famous translucent blue tip on a 155-grain 7mm bullet.

The same small lead core at the front of the bullet is maintained, as is the bonded core design and AccuChannel groove, to reduce friction. The high Ballistic Coefficient of these bullets will fare very well on the windy plains of Wyoming, or from one side of the canyon to the other in Colorado.

.270 and 7mm Mag shooters, welcome to the Edge TLR experience.

For more information, go to federalpremium.com.

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