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Stupid-Smart Turkey Gear

Stupid-Smart Turkey Gear

Editor's Note: Frank Miniter has put each of the products listed below to use, and discusses a few of them in his feature story "10 Stupid-Smart Turkey Tactics." You can read that here.

Crazy Big Box Call
You’ll almost never use these huge boat-paddle calls, but now and then they can make a bird shock-gobble. Frank Recommends: MAD Bang Box.

Mark roost sites, where and when you heard gobbling, and so on. It might feel stupid to pattern a gobbler, as what you really want to do is call him to you, but figuring out where he goes and where he’s comfortable is smart. Frank Recommends: Garmin Oregon 700.

Gimmicky New Call
Every now and then a company comes out with a turkey call that is downright silly. A box call with slate glued to it, a pump with a diaphragm on one end that makes a sound like someone is sitting on a chicken. The thing is these calls do sound different, and making a different sound than everyone else can bring in a gobbler. Frank Recommends: Primos Bombshell.

It can pay to find birds that haven’t been pressured. Sometimes a stream or swamp can make certain places not worth the trouble to those who don’t pack a boat. Frank Recommends: Ascend FS10.

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