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'Judgement' in Melbourne

'Judgement' in Melbourne

2016 is the 10th anniversary of the Taurus Judge. The five-shot wheelgun fires .45 Colt/.410-bore shotshells. The versatile wheelgun created a whole new category of firearm upon introduction, and over the past decade Taurus has thoroughly expanded the Judge's attributes to several different platforms. .45 Colt has made it a very capable hunting handgun for medium-sized game and, as you might imagine, a couple of turkey hunters across the nation have found ways to put the .410 shotshell option to good use.

AH Editor in Chief Scott Olmsted is using a Judge with a 6-inch barrel on hogs in Melbourne, Fla., this week to celebrate the occasion. This morning his party bayed a boar with a dog. Deep in a mangrove swamp, Olmsted and his guide were able to sneak within 10 yards for the first shot. Then things got sporty before the cylinder was emptied. Olmsted is firing Federal .45 Colt 225-grain JSPs.

That's Scott and his hog in the featured image at the top of the page. Below is fellow hunter Sean Utley, who tagged his pig with a Raging Bull.

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