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SCI Convention Seminars: You’re Never Too Cool for School

SCI Convention Seminars: You’re Never Too Cool for School

There is something for everyone at the 2016 SCI Hunters' Convention in Las Vegas, Feb. 3-6.  In addition to checking out aisles of exhibitor booths covering 1 million square feet, the annual SCI show offers the opportunity to expand your knowledge on all things hunting—from various hunting methods to increase your hunting opportunities to hunter advocacy and wildlife conservation issues both in the United States and abroad. 

What is even better is that the seminars are headlined by some of the most respected names in outdoor media, such as my friends and worldwide hunters Craig Boddington and Wayne van Zwoll and expert shotgunners Gil and Vicki Ash. Who wants to learn about long-range shooting techniques or tips for booking your first African safari? Or do you want to learn to enhance your wingshooting skills to bag more birds or maybe get into reloading? On that front, by the way, Hornady is offering seminars for experienced reloaders as well as beginners, which means someone like me who has never done it will be taught the fundamentals of single-stage cartridge reloading in a brief two-hour block of instruction.

Or if you are like meand just about every hunter I know—maybe you are running out of wall space in your home for all those trophy mounts. Check out the seminar on designing and building a space to present your outdoor and hunting lifestyle. Or pick up a few tips on pairing wine with your favorite wild game dishes, learn how help more women get into hunting and the shooting sports, get tips for locating and dropping a bull elk, learn about flyfishing and/or gleen a few techniques for getting the most out of your trail-cams for year-round wildlife viewing enjoyment. 

There really is something for everyone here so take advantage of your SCI membership, get a front-row eat to the seminar(s) of your choice and bump up your hunting and shooting sports knowledge to the next level.

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