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How to Hang Your Lock-On Bow Stand in Half the Time

How to Hang Your Lock-On Bow Stand in Half the Time

Hunters have a new hunting buddy in time for hunting season, thanks to the innovative Tree Stand Buddy (TSB), a super-simple treestand mounting system that makes fast, easy work of safely hanging your lock-on stand. 

undefinedHere’s how to use it. Attach the TSB bracket to your stand then set the stand at the base of your tree. Climb the tree and attach the tree bracket, or receiver, to it using the ratchet straps included in the Starter Kit. String a rope through the V-shaped loop on the receiver then climb down and attach the rope to your stand. Hoist the stand into position and tie off the rope then climb the tree and slide the TSB bracket into the tree’s receiver. Attach the treestand manufacturer’s straps or chain to secure it and you’re ready to hunt.

If you have multiple stand sites in mind, buy a TSB Receiver Two-Pack so you can mount brackets on other trees. Now you can be flexible and change locations at a moment’s notice as wind conditions dictate—without having to buy additional stands. Regardless of which spot you select, slide the stand bracket onto that tree’s receiver and you’re good to go.

For more selling points, the sturdy, stable TSB mounting system eliminates stand any wobble and worries over theft because you can take the stand with you when you leave. It also protects your stand from damage by rodents or bad weather. Just as important, the design provides for hunter comfort, thanks to the extra inches of space it creates between your stand’s seat and the tree, which means not having to lean forward.

Doesn’t every hunter appreciate a good hunting buddy? This one just happens to be an inanimate object! Check it out for yourself at treestandbuddy.com or call 877-987-2723.

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