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Archery Accuracy Begins with Good Form

Archery Accuracy Begins with Good Form

undefinedOlder siblings often get the reputation for being bossy. Times haven’t changed all that much as, despite that my little brother, Joe, and I are adults, I’ve been having fun bossing him around again lately—but for good reason. I had to teach him his bowshooting fundamentals. Earlier this week I mentioned how I’m helping him get into bowhunting and that he and his PSE DNA SP are doing quite well. I could say it’s because I’m a good instructor, though we all know the real reason: Joe is putting in the time and effort.

“Well, how long will it take him to be ready for bowseason?” asked a friend who has no knowledge of the sport. “Well, until he’s proficient,” I explained, adding that shooting accurate groups only comes with practice and the honing of one's shooting fundamentals. But as someone once said, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” And it all starts with your shooting form. A good tip of the day is to simply stand straight during your practice sessions and here's why.

When Joe first started launching arrows, I corrected his posture and stance several times. If you’re new to archery remember that if you lean forward, for example, your head will not be in line with your body. You’ll start putting pressure on your back and your arms will tire and become tense. Oh, and did I neglect to mention that if that happens, you won’t be accurate?

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