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Bag More Turkeys in a Bow Blind

Bag More Turkeys in a Bow Blind

undefinedHow many of you have tried hunting turkeys with a bow? Not only are these birds tricky targets, but just drawing the bow is a challenge considering their 20/20 laser-like vision. Despite having eyes on the sides of their heads that permit only monocular vision, the fact turkeys can turn their necks 360 degrees effectively gives them eyes in the back of their heads. Unlike deer, turkeys also see colors, so it's no wonder these birds don’t miss much.

As a result, I enjoy using a portable ground blind to conceal any movement. Two of my top picks are Primos’ The Club, featuring Max-View window openings for increased surveillance and shooting opportunities, and Primos’ Double Bull (pictured here), which is large enough for two hunters—and all their gear—in case you are taking that new hunter along. The Double Bull’s new double-wide door is zipperless so you can step inside quietly, and the blind has a much-appreciated 180-degree front window.

Getting the drop on turkeys is serious business, so some hunters I know go a step further and wear black clothing instead of camo in the blind to blend in with the blind's dark backdrop. Either way, the key is to do your scouting, set up your blind where you know the gobbler will be, and put out a decoy to get his attention and keep him distracted while you draw.

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