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Hunter Catches (and Releases) Goose with Bare Hands

Hunter Catches (and Releases) Goose with Bare Hands

The YouTube video embedded below apparently depicts a hunter sneaking up on and catching a live goose in the decoys. It's fairly amazing, but much of it makes no sense to me. Okay, the guy is blowing a goose call as if to confuse the bird, but surely the goose can see him ambling through the spread. And, while geese do take more effort to get airborne than ducks, this goose seems particularly slow to gain altitude—the hunter simply runs up and nabs it.

It's almost as if the bird was wounded or in some other way lacking 100 percent of its faculties. However, the hunter turns and does the classy thing by releasing the goose—it appears to fly off unscathed.

What do you make of this?

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