Behind the Bullet: 10mm Auto

If you like the way a full-sized frame shoots, but want a bit more power than the .45 ACP has to offer, wrap your hands around the Big 10, and you may find the handgun experience you’ve been looking for.

Hardware: Mossberg MVP Scout

There are essentially three definitions of the scout rifle. First, there’s Col. Jeff Cooper’s definition, which is largely credited for setting the parameters of such a firearm. The popular definition, meanwhile, is any bolt-action rifle with an extended-eye-relief scope. And finally, there’s the definition(s) conjured by everyone else. The Mossberg MVP Scout clearly meets the last two.

Hunting with Scout Rifles

Today we’re seeing renewed interest in scout rifles. Steyr, Mossberg, Ruger, and Savage all offer commercial interpretations of the scout. But, are these modern renditions of Cooper’s general-purpose carbine suitable for big game hunting?

5 Things You Need to Know About the New Savage Arms Model 11 Scout Rifle

Scout rifles—first made popular by Gunsite founder Jeff Cooper more than three decades ago now—have experienced a revival of sorts in recent years. Among the latest additions to the market is the Savage Arms Model 11 Scout, having made its debut at SHOT Show 2015.

Review: Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

Versatility is the basic concept behind the scout rifle as originally conceived by Jeff Cooper.

Jeff Cooper Scout Rifle Package

Steyr Arms has announced an extremely limited production run of the Jeff Cooper Scout Rifle in a commemorative package.


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