Bullet Bio: Hornady ELD-X

Hornady’s ELD-X is the most significant advancement in bullet technology since bonding.

Bullet Bio: Lapua Naturalis

Richard Mann takes a look at a bullet that's just as unusual as the 11-point buck he once harvested with it.

Bullet Bio: Federal Fusion

Some argue that .223 Rem. is not adequate for deer. They say the bullet is too small and the cartridge lacks power. They also claim it is not legal in most states. Factually speaking, they are wrong on all accounts. With the right bullet, .223 Rem. can drive to 20-plus inches and expand to double diameter. And, in the states that allow rifles for deer hunting, only eight do not permit the use of the .223 Rem. As far as the “right bullet” goes, one of the best .223 Rem. loads for deer is the 62-grain Federal Fusion.

Bullet Bio: Hornady FTX

Hornady's FTX bullets revolutionized ammunition offerings for lever-action rifles.

Bullet Bio: Nosler Ballistic Tip

Designed to be accurate, damage plenty of tissue and cost less than the popular Partition, Nosler's Ballistic Tip line was introduced in 1984.

Bullet Bio: Barnes Triple-Shock

The Barnes Triple-Shock is a very misunderstood bullet. Let Richard Mann explain in this latest edition of "Bullet Biographies."

Bullet Bio: Hornady InterLock

Hunting bullets don't hang around for 30 years if they don't work. Case in point: the Hornady InterLock.

Bullet Bio: Norma Oryx

The Oryx might be Norma's most popular bullet. It's at least Norma’s best-known bullet here in the States.

Bullet Bio: Nosler AccuBond

A little more than a decade ago, Nosler set out to combine the characteristics of its famous Partition with the accuracy of its Ballistic Tip offerings. The result became the AccuBond.

Bullet Bio: Berger VLD

The VLD may not have been designed as a hunting bullet, but it sure became one.

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