How to Be a Better Long-Range Shooter

Long-range shooting is a very specific skill-set that takes a lot of hard work and a lot of burned powder to acquire. Start now to be ready for fall.

Women’s Wilderness Escape Expands Offerings With Long-Range Hunting Class

Participants, outfitted with Weatherby Camillas and Leupold optics, spent two days developing their skills to shoot at distance and in varying weather conditions in Wyoming.

Know-How: Enhance Your Killer Instinct

Having trouble making effective shots on moving game? What you need to do is leave the traditional range and shoot in more hunting-realistic scenarios.

Where Hunters Learn To Shoot on the Run

Shooting and hitting running game can be easy—if you learn how! The American Sportsman Shooting Center is the place to do that.

Know-How: The Blind Shot

Shooting a bow from a ground blind is difficult. But it doesn't have to be. The key is preparation.

Build Your Skills: The Fast Follow-Up Shot

Making that second shot count requires more than speed—it requires proper gun handling and plenty of practice.

How to Skin and Quarter an Elk

Here's a method that can be applied to trophy bulls, raghorns and cows alike.

How to Tell a Buck Track from a Doe

The difference between calling something an “art” as opposed to a “science” is that a science is supposed to have predictable, clear variables, whereas an art is up for interpretation.

Hornady and Gunwerks: Reloading for Long Range

NRA Publications Armorer Christopher Olsen had the chance to spend a few days reloading Hornady ammunition and putting it to good use at Gunwerks' long range shooting course. Get an inside look at what he learned with this gallery.


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