Hardware: Buffalo Bore Dangerous Game Ammunition

Spare yourself the headache, heartache and potential dismemberment, and opt for terminal goodness in the form of Buffalo Bore’s Dangerous Game ammo.

Triple-Duty Sidearm: Colt Delta Elite

Can the same handgun serve as your home-defense piece, ride under a jacket as your concealed-carry pistol and hang on your hip when hunting as backup to ward off whatever threats you may encounter in the field? That’s a tall order, but the Colt Delta Elite performs all three admirably.

The Outdoorsman

Buffalo Bore Ammunition offers a line of ammunition aimed at bear defense.

Alaska Outfitter Defends Fishermen from Raging Grizzly with 9mm Pistol

Two weeks ago, veteran outfitter Phil Shoemaker was guiding two fishing clients in the Alaska bush when the party came face to face with an enraged grizzly. Shoemaker, armed only with a 9mm semi-auto pistol, defended his clients and himself. Here’s his account …


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