Guns and Gear for an Alaska Black Bear Hunt

Field Editor Philip Massaro shares the gear he used on his recent Alaska black bear hunt.

Review: Legendary Arms Works Big Five

When you take the plunge to hunt those game animals that warrant a true dangerous game cartridge, you need to choose a rifle that is utterly reliable, and can deliver the goods no matter what the situation may present. Simply put, it needs to cycle the ammunition flawlessly, stand up to the hottest hot and the coldest cold, and it must go bang every time. Legendary Arms Works Big Five rifle fits that bill just perfectly.

Conservation Force and Partners Sue Delta over "Big Five" Trophy Embargo

Conservation Force, the Dallas Safari Club and others filed suit last week against Delta Air Lines, Inc., demanding an end to Delta's embargo on the transport of "Big Five" hunting trophies from Africa.

Anti-Hunters Cry Foul, but Rhino Auction Benefits Species

Anti-hunters may not like the idea, but one animal dying to save the species is a small price to pay for conservation.

The Lure of the Double Rifle

Big-bore double rifles symbolize adventure.


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