Recipe: Golden Wild Turkey Nuggets

The light breading in this wild turkey recipe does not detract from the bird’s flavor, and it is quick and easy to prepare.

Recipe: Wild Turkey Chow Mein

Thinly sliced breast marinated in Asian flavors then sautéed in a hot pan is about the easiest preparation of wild turkey. Add your favorite vegetables and some chow mein noodles and you’ve got a moist, flavorful, healthful meal.

Recipe: Sous Vide Wild Turkey Breast

A tender, flavorful sous vide wild turkey is easier and more affordable than ever to prepare. Your meat is guaranteed to be cooked to the perfect temperature every time, removing all guesswork on your end, and the fresh herbs, lemon and cranberries included in this recipe are a delicious natural accompaniment.

Recipe: Crunchy Gobbler Fingers

If there isn’t a favorite wild turkey recipe amongst your clan, these thunder-crunch gobbler fingers might be just the ticket.

Recipe: Creamy Turkey Thighs with Forest Fixings

Building a sauce with layers of flavor is a great way to utilize the dark meat from an old gobbler, and adding mushrooms and herbs sourced in the outdoors is an excellent reminder that we can live off the land and utilize all edible parts of what we harvest.

Recipe: Turkey Thigh Pot Pie

Take this turkey pot pie to camp, and all your hunting buddies will be convinced to save the legs and thighs off the birds they’re fortunate to harvest.

Recipe: Wild Turkey Manicotti

This manicotti recipe is great way to use turkey legs to feed family and friends, and is an easy meal to prepare and bring to your next hunting camp.

Recipe: Citrus and Cranberry Roasted Wild Turkey

The fruity stuffing in this recipe is full of moisture and will infuse your wild turkey meat with wonderful hints of Thanksgiving.

Recipe: Wild Turkey Soup

Though wild turkey is revered as a top quarry among American hunters, it’s often under-utilized as table fare. This recipe creates a gastronomic delight out of much-maligned meat.

How to Make Wild Turkey Swedish Meatballs

The meat and gravy is ideally suited for mashed potatoes, which makes this hearty dish just as enjoyable in fall as it is in spring.


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