Massive Elk

How to Draw a Tag for Western Big-Game Hunting

Drawing the right limited-entry tag paves the way for the hunt of a lifetime, but the application process can be confusing. Using a professional licensing service streamlines the process and increases your odds of success.

onX Adds Draw Odds for Application Season

By bringing Toprut into its fold, onX Hunt has become a year-round tool, from pre-season scouting and field use, to finding the data needed to navigate tag applications across the west.

Why You Should Hunt Low-Odds Elk Units

Don’t ignore elk locales that offer low odds of success. You’ll find the hunting pressure in them is nil, and when you do find elk, you can usually kill them.

Member's Hunt: Playing the Odds

This latest Member’s Hunt comes from Ruben Conde Jr. of Wellton, Arizona.

Member's Hunt: What Are the Odds?

Jay Treadaway shares the story of his Canadian wolf hunt in this latest edition of Member's Best.

Waning Odds

Perhaps the West’s most sought after big-game species, mule deer continue to prove they are as alluring as they are hard to get.

Weigh the Odds in October

This is the deer hunter’s calculation. You ask yourself if there are low-impact entry and exit routes that will take you to and from a stand. Can you get a true wind in/near the buck’s likely bedding area? If you’re bowhunting, will you have to cut shooting lanes? Can you afford to risk making this buck even more nocturnal in October?

Hide in Plain Sight with HECS!

Pull a fast one on that big bull or buck and remain undetected by blocking your electromagnetic energy with a HECS Stealthscreen.


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