Meat On The Grill

Recipe: Korean Barbecue Venison Loin

Brad Fenson hits the grill to serve up a hunter's take on Korean barbeque.

Recipe: Korean/Polynesian Venison Steaks

Contributor Brad Fenson shares a dish he learned on the Hawaiian island of Moloka'i: steaks served in a fusion between German schnitzel and Polynesian teriyaki sauce.

Recipe: Korean-Style Elk and Mushroom Bowl

The time required to whip up this scrumptious meal is equivalent to the time it takes to prepare a pot of short-grain rice and features bold flavors the whole family is sure to savor.

Recipe: Korean Goose Legs

Be sure to save the legs and thighs of the geese you bag this season, as this recipe is certain to become a family favorite.

Korean-Style Venison

Bulgogi is a marinated, sliced beef that is grilled over fire, or a stove top frying pan. And now you can try it with venison. Check out this Korean-style recipe from Jessica Kim.


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