Recipe Air Fryer Pheasant Lead

Recipe: Air Fryer Pheasant with Lemon and Fresh Herbs

Cooking a whole, plucked pheasant in an air fryer results in a perfectly finished bird with crisp skin and delicious, moist meat.

Recipe: Nana’s Partridge Pie

Family recipes are steeped in tradition and passed down from generation to generation, and this one is sure to become a new favorite of yours.

Recipe: Pheasant and Homemade Noodle Soup

If you’ve never made your own noodles, follow this simple recipe to turn your next pot of soup into your new favorite comfort food.

Recipe: Pheasant & Herbs Sausage

This delicious poached sausage recipe ensures your meat stays moist and only takes about 45 minutes to make.

Recipe: Cheesy Pheasant Casserole

Pheasant can be challenging to cook, as it has a tendency to cook quickly and dry out. This easy, delicious recipe will ensure it stays moist and leave your friends and family begging for more.

Recipe: Orange Marmalade-Glazed Pheasant

Game birds are best when prepped in a marinade. The unique flavor of this orange marmalade tastes delicious and goes well with white-fleshed birds.

A Favorite Pheasant Recipe

After knocking down a few roosters over my little setter, I decided to resurrect an old favorite pheasant recipe.


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