Member's Hunt: 2 Bulls, 2 Bullets, 2 Minutes!

After returning from Iraq in June 2010, Noah Smith and his father Art made plans to hunt elk out west. This is the story of how the father/son duo shot two bulls with two bullets in two minutes. By Art Smith, Cedar Springs, Mich.

Member's Hunt: 'Okay Dad, I Got This'

Connor Stafford didn't expect to see the biggest buck of his life when he went to scout some nearby BLM land, but when he did a quick phone call to his dad was just what he needed to get the job done.

Member's Hunt: Blind Squirrels

NRA Member Tom Moore of Eatonville, Wash., has a message for all the hunters out there who have felt down on their luck in this story of deer hunting success.

Member's Hunt: In My Lap

I took my first spring gobbler in 1989 and have been hooked ever since. So it was natural that I would get my son, Jackson, interested at an early age.

Member's Hunt: Changing My Life

I was 13 years old when I declared myself a vegetarian. To me, hunting was wrong. The thought of eating an animal turned my stomach. I cried every time I saw an animal die. I railed at people who hunted. I climbed on my soapbox and preached at the meat-eaters.

Member's Hunt: Kylie's Buck

The latest edition of "Member's Hunt" comes from Jason Terrell of Burnett, Texas.

Member's Hunt: Veterans Day Buck Hunt

David A. Lien of Colorado Springs shares the story of a Veterans Day whitetail adventure in this latest Member's Hunt.

Member's Hunt: The 10th Day Dall

Ted Borowski, Jr. wanted a Dall sheep—and he knew that meant he'd have to put in the time. Check out his story in this latest Member's Hunt.

Member's Hunt: What Are the Odds?

Jay Treadaway shares the story of his Canadian wolf hunt in this latest edition of Member's Best.

Member's Hunt: Killer Hippo for All

Member Samir Suleiman got even more than he bargained for when he booked his dream hunt of a lifetime in Africa.

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