Member's Hunt: Patience Pays

Our latest Member's Hunt comes from Erin Prajzner from Hampstead, Md.

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Member's Hunt: A Hunter's Mentality

This latest Member's Hunt comes from SGT Michael Marek, 3rd Platoon 5/73rd Cavalry, 82nd Airborne Division, South Bend, Ind.

Member's Hunt: The ‘House’ Blinds

This latest Member's Hunt comes from Fred E. Shirk of Lawrence, Kansas.

Member's Hunt: The Encounter

This latest Member's Hunt comes from Brad Houser of Eagle, Idaho.

Member’s Hunt: Satisfaction Guaranteed

This latest Member's Hunt comes from John Whitcomb of Concord, Ohio, who helped his grandson, Johnny, experience all the excitement of a spring morning in the turkey woods.

Member's Hunt: Blind Squirrels

NRA Member Tom Moore of Eatonville, Wash., has a message for all the hunters out there who have felt down on their luck in this story of deer hunting success.

Member's Hunt: Changing My Life

I was 13 years old when I declared myself a vegetarian. To me, hunting was wrong. The thought of eating an animal turned my stomach. I cried every time I saw an animal die. I railed at people who hunted. I climbed on my soapbox and preached at the meat-eaters.

Member's Hunt: Greatest Hunt Ever

This latest Member's Hunt submission comes from John Bowlin of Delphi, Ind.

Member's Hunt: Sibling Success

This latest Member's Hunt comes from Bill Bailey of Roanoke, Va.

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