Deer Gear for 2012 and Beyond

Whether you’re just getting ready to hit the woods or looking to change your luck, these deer hunting accessories might just do the trick this season.

Ask the Editors: 3 Essential Pieces of Deer Gear

The question: If you were limited to three pieces of "gear," just what would you deem most important?

3 Layering Systems for the Late Season

It's down to the wire, and the only way to fill that whitetail tag burning a hole in your pocket is to get out there and hunt. Here are three layering systems for the late season that will keep you in the game as Old Man Winter tries to keep you indoors.

Hardware: Winchester Deer Season XP

Winchester’s XP bullet pairs an oversized tip with a tapered jacket to create extreme wound channels.

Must-Have Deer Gear for 2015

Here's the gear you'll need before heading into the deer woods this season.

Guns and Gear for a Texas Whitetail Hunt

Field Editor Bryce Towsley shares the gear he used on a recent Texas whitetail hunt.

Top Deer Gear 2016: Big Sky Shooter

Do you track deer across the wide open plains? Check out some of the best tools for the job.

Top Deer Gear 2016: Deep-Woods Stalker

Is stalking in the deep-woods your thing? Read on for some of the best gear to accomplish it.

Top Deer Gear 2016: Treestand Sitter

Take a look at some of the best deer gear of this year, for those who love to hug a tree.

Top Deer Gear 2016: Deer Hunter's Tool Kit

Be their tails white or black, be they donkey-eared with wide crowns or basket-racked desert dwellers, the pursuit of deer across this land is as American as it gets. Here’s a look at the new gear that will get you there, keep you there and, we hope, return home stained a little red.

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