Bullet Bio: Nosler Partition

The Nosler Partition was the first serious step forward with regard to premium hunting projectiles. 69 years later it remains the hunting bullet by which all others are judged.

Bullet Bio: Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock

The Tipped Triple-Shock is a descendant of the original Barnes X-Bullet. Like the X-Bullet the Triple-Shock is an all-copper projectile with a small hollow cavity at the front. But, unlike its predecessor, the caliber diameter body of the Tipped Triple-Shock is ringed with grooves to help reduce fouling and improve accuracy.

Bullet Bio: Remington AccuTip

A little known fact is that the Remington AccuTip bullet is actually made for Remington by Hornady. In fact, the Remington AccuTip bullet is nothing more than a Hornady SST bullet with a greenish tip instead of a red tip. Now, while this might surprise some of you, it should not detract from your opinion of this bullet.

Bullet Bio: Winchester Power-Point

The Power-Point was developed by Winchester in the 1960s. It is not a fancy bullet. But next to the Remington Core-Lokt, the Power-Point has probably killed more deer than any of its peers.

Bullet Bio: Hornady InterBond

Bonded bullets can be made to penetrate deeper because they retain their weight better, and they can be made to expand wider because they hold together. Hornady’s InterBond, introduced in 2003, is a bonded bullet that does a little of one and a lot of the other.

Bullet Bio: Berger VLD

The VLD may not have been designed as a hunting bullet, but it sure became one.

Bullet Bio: Nosler AccuBond

A little more than a decade ago, Nosler set out to combine the characteristics of its famous Partition with the accuracy of its Ballistic Tip offerings. The result became the AccuBond.

Bullet Bio: Norma Oryx

The Oryx might be Norma's most popular bullet. It's at least Norma’s best-known bullet here in the States.

Bullet Bio: Hornady InterLock

Hunting bullets don't hang around for 30 years if they don't work. Case in point: the Hornady InterLock.

Bullet Bio: Nosler Ballistic Tip

Designed to be accurate, damage plenty of tissue and cost less than the popular Partition, Nosler's Ballistic Tip line was introduced in 1984.

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