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NRA Halts Proposed Lead Ban

Thanks to the help and support of gun owners across the nation, the EPA has denied the petition to ban lead ammunition.

BullShooters Book Review: Essential Liberty

As an avid reader, I’m often frustrated that few, if any, novels tackle the issues that concern us as gun owners.

Where Criminals Get Their Guns

Across all media these days the information is far from accurate when it comes to the culture war waged against gun owners.

Bridgestone Arena Packs 'Em in for NRA Country Presents Alan Jackson

When you're talkin' NRA Country, who better to put on a show for thousands of NRA members and gun owners at an NRA Annual Meeting than country music legend Alan Jackson!

GunBroker.com Announces Top-Selling Firearms for March 2020

Here at American Hunter, we have reported on the skyrocketing number of gun sales that occurred this March, as well as the similarly rising number of new gun owners. Wonder what these folks are buying?

Celebrities to See at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

The NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits attract firearms owners of all shapes and sizes—including quite a few proud, celebrity gun owners. Here are a few that you can visit if you'll be on the scene in Louisville this weekend.

Bookshelf: Traveler’s Guide 
to the Firearm Laws 
of the Fifty States

Firearm laws can vary greatly from state to state, and ignorance isn’t a valid legal defense, so it’s important for responsible gun owners traveling with a gun to be aware of the regulations governing firearm usage for every state along the way.

Winchester Announces W Train & Defend Brand

An unprecedented number of first-time gun owners have flooded the industry, and selecting the proper ammunition has been one of their greatest challenges. Winchester has decided to make things a little easier on new shooters, with the introduction of its new W Train & Defend brand.

Video: Vault by Pelican Gun Cases

2019 marks the biggest new-product launch in Pelican’s history with 10 brand-new sizes introduced in the company’s Vault lineup. With eight new cases specifically designed for small pistols, rifles and shotguns, Vault cases have a push-and-pull latch system and offer secure storage solutions for a wide variety of gun owners.

A Challenge for the President

Watch the Wayne LaPierre video.

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