The Turkey Tool from Real Avid

posted on March 25, 2014

I have more multi-tools than one man should ever own: one in every room of the house, one for the truck, one for the range bag, one in each hunting pack and even a few extras in case—or when, rather—I lose one. Regardless of my stockpile, when the Turkey Tool from Real Avid came across my desk, I knew I’d be adding at least one more.

The Turkey Tool from Real Avid is a multi-tool designed specifically with the turkey hunter in mind. You won’t find the standard tools on the Turkey Tool. No Phillips head screw driver, no bottle opener (sorry folks), and no, you won’t find pliers on this little helper. Instead, Real Avid has designed a multi-tool with an array items the turkey chaser might actually use: choke tube wrench, pin punch, carry hook, and a beard and spur ruler.

And of course, it does sport a knife with an edge you’d be capable of shaving with and a brush and game saw.

While it won’t take the place of a standard multi-tool in my pack, it will keep me from having to stash (and locate) a bunch of smaller items in my pack that are always useful in the turkey woods.

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