Steiner Launches American Hero Savings Program

posted on September 15, 2014

Steiner has launched a new savings program that will provide the company's optics to America's law enforcement and security officers, military personnel and first responders at a discounted price.

The American Hero Instant Savings Program offers instant savings or discounts on all Steiner binoculars, riflescopes and laser rangefinders purchased at any Steiner authorized Law Enforcement dealers in United States. The discount is taken at the point of sale and there is no need to fill out additional forms or paperwork. Discounts are based upon total optics purchased.

"We at Steiner are thrilled to introduce the American Hero program to honor those who serve our country," said Tom Frane, VP of Steiner's Sales and Marketing department. "With government cutbacks and budget constraints, our Military, Law Enforcement and first responder agencies struggle to equip their teams with the best quality gear available. I feel it is our responsibility to offer reduced prices to these individuals who put themselves on line for our American freedoms, liberties and safety."

Purchases worth between $300 and $400 will receive a $25 rebate. Purchases up to $750 will be discounted $50, and purchases over $750 will be discounted $100.

Only sales at brick and mortar locations qualify. Buyers must meet the qualifications below and produce their agency or military identification and credentials at the time of purchase.

• All sworn Law Enforcement Officers, including state, county and city
• All Federal Law Enforcement Officers
• All Correctional Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers
• All retired Law Enforcement Officers with retired credentials
• Licensed Paramedics and EMTs
• Fire Fighters (including volunteers)
• Active Military personnel - all branches
• Retired Military/Prior Service personnel—all branches (ID card or DD214 required

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IMG 1066

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