Outdoor Product Innovations Launches Rhino Tree Stand

posted on October 1, 2021
Outdoor Product Innovations has announced the addition of Rhino Tree Stands to the Rhino family of products.

“We are excited to announce the addition of Rhino Tree Stands as the newest member of the OPI family,” said Danny Reaser, vice president of Outdoor Product Innovations. “Our Rhino ground blinds have built a strong reliable reputation all across the industry that we cannot wait to build upon with Rhino Tree Stands.”

From hang on stands, to ladder stands, to platform stands, and everything in between, Rhino Tree Stands has you covered for the upcoming fall hunting season.

“Our new line of tree stands will really excite those in the outdoor industry,” said Mick Maynard, vice president of sales and product development at OPI. “Every retailer, dealer, and distributor will want to get their hands on Rhino Tree Stands before it’s too late. With the variety of styles our product line offers, anyone can find a tree stand that is built for them.”

To take a look at some of their first offerings, check out rhinotreestands.com.


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