One Mandatory Storage Bill Signed While Another Passes Committee

posted on June 19, 2024
Lock And Key

Late last week, Rhode Island lawmakers adjourned for the year, but not before anti-gun Governor Dan McKee inked his signature to the main piece of gun control to pass the Legislature in 2024. H.7373A/S.2022aa, forces gun owners to store their firearms under lock and key, though home invaders will get to play by a different set of rules. Effectively a Burglar Protection Act, H.7373A/S.2022aa means that when seconds matter, anti-gun lawmakers want citizens to fumble around in the dark for keys to the safe while armed intruders breezily make their way to the top of the staircase. 

While one bill did pass and was signed into law, many others failed to advance in the Ocean State, including H.7217, banning semi-automatic rifles. Thank you to all NRA members who contacted their legislators during the session and attended Statehouse hearings. It is almost certain that similar legislation will be introduced during the 2025 legislative session, and Rhode Island gun owners should be prepared to fight again. 

Meanwhile, on the other coast, Senate Bill 53 passed in the California Assembly Public Safety Committee on a 6-2 vote and has been referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to contact members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee and urge them to oppose SB 53.

Senate Bill 53 prohibits firearm possession in the home unless the firearms are stored in a locked box or safe that is approved by the Department of Justice and renders them inaccessible to anyone other than the owner. SB 53 (as well as H.7373A/S.2022aa) ignores the U.S. Supreme Court decision in D.C v. Heller which argued that storage requirements that prevent gun owners from easily accessing their firearms are unconstitutional.

Again, Californians should contact members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee and urge their opposition to SB 53.

The 2024 election is just around the corner, and it provides an opportunity to elect pro-gun lawmakers to help protect your rights, no matter where you live. Plan to go to the polls and make your voice heard in November, and please remember to take friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers along with you.

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