New World-Record Non-Typical Mule Deer Confirmed by Pope and Young Club

posted on April 4, 2019
Dennis Bennett, courtesy of Pope and Young Club

On Jan. 9, the Pope and Young Club assembled a special panel of judges in Regina, Saskatchewan, to confirm a new world record non-typical mule deer.

The new record buck, taken by Dennis Bennett on Oct. 1, 2018, near the Arm River sports a five-by-five typical frame with an additional 15 non-typical points per side. With a green-score 303-0/8 inches and a final score of 291-⅛ inches, Bennett’s new world-record buck exceeded the score of the previous record non-typical mule deer (shot by Kenneth Plank in 1987) by 16-2/8 inches.

Photo credit: Dennis Bennett, courtesy of Pope and Young Club

On the morning of his record-breaking hunt, Bennett got within 44 yards of the deer, but was left with no shot when the massive buck bolted after being surprised by a smaller buck bedded close by. Returning to the same area that afternoon, Bennett spotted the large buck again, this time bedded down over 300 yards away. After a long and careful stalk to get within bow range, the buck stood, and Bennett let his arrow fly at 37 yards, sinking a broadside hit and dropping the monster muley where it stood.

“It was a pleasure to be part of the panel recognizing this beautiful non-typical mule deer from Saskatchewan as a New World Record. The pictures of this deer do not do it justice,” said Eli Randall, Records Director for the Pope and Young Club.

Bennett’s non-typical mule deer will be on display at the Pope and Young Club's 31st Biennial Convention in Omaha Neb., April 10-13, 2019. It will accompany both the new world record Alaskan brown bear, which scored 29-4/16 inches, and the new world record bighorn sheep that had a final score of 209-⅛ inches.


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