New for 2019: Swarovski dS Digital Rangefinding Riflescope

posted on February 13, 2019
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Swarovski Optik North America has developed a “smart scope” that will not only range your target, but show you the correct aiming point. The company’s brand-new dS riflescope uses ballistic data to immediately feed information back to the user in an easy-to-see display.

A button on the side of the dS is the user’s quick source to all the information you need to make a great shot. When the button is pressed, the scope measures the exact distance to the targetand automatically adjusts for the magnification setting, air pressure, temperature and angle. The distance reading works in conjunction with personal ballistic data for your firearm and ammunition combination.

Windage mark intervals are also calculatedand basedon the distance measured, the wind speeds set, and the ballistic data. The smart scope needs to sync with a smartphone, where an exchange of data occurs through the Bluetooth interface. The dS user needs to spend some time at the range collecting data when sighting in, which is entered through an app and transmitted back to the scope.

The new dS rangefinding riflescope is available in 5X-25X-52mm and has an MAP of $4,499. For more information, visit


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