Leupold Adds MOA Models to Mark 5HD Riflescope Line

posted on January 8, 2019

Leupold & Stevens, Inc. has announced the addition of two new models that will feature MOA adjustments and reticles to its popular Mark 5HD riflescope line.

Introduced in 2018, the Mark 5HD riflescope family was designed to redefine accuracy, precision and optical performance for long-range shooters and hunters in a package that embodies rugged reliability. Two models with milliradian adjustments were launched—a 5X-25X-56mm and 3.6X-18X-44mm. The Mark 5HD is up to 20 ounces lighter than other scopes in its class: The 5X-25X-56mm model weighs in at 30 ounces, while the 3.6X-18x-44mm weighs 26 ounces. The new MOA-specific models will be available in the same magnifications and objective lens sizes as their game-changing predecessors.

At the heart of the Mark 5HD MOA is its M1C3 ZeroLock adjustments, which provide precise, repeatable tracking with a dead-on return to zero. The M1C3 elevation dials deliver 100 MOA of adjustment in three turns on the 3.6X-18X-44mm, and 120 MOA of adjustment in three turns on the 5X-25X-56mm model. Visual and tactile revolution indicators are in place to ensure you don’t get lost in the travel, and the auto-lock at zero eliminates the risk of inadvertently moving the dial. The windage adjustment is capped, and the zero indicator mark has been relocated on the riflescope’s maintube so you can see it without having to move your head off the stock of the rifle.

“From the beginning, the Mark 5HD project team set out to deliver riflescopes that had all the features long-range shooters have been calling for, but in a user-friendly package,” said John Snodgrass, Product Line Manager for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “Competitive shooters across the country have been impressed by what it’s capable of, and we’ve been fielding calls asking for a model designed for the minute of angle shooter ever since. We’re ecstatic to be able to deliver the industry’s best long-range tactical optic to both the Mil and MOA communities in 2019.”

The Mark 5HD MOA models are available in three reticle options: Impact 60, PR1-MOA and Illuminated PR1-MOA—the "PR" in the PR1-MOA standing for precision rifle. The Mark 5HD 5X-25X-56mm MOA has a starting MSRP of $2,599.99, and the Mark 5HD 3.6X-18X-44mm MOA has a starting MSRP of $2,339.99.

For more information on the new Mark 5HD MOA riflescope models, visit leupold.com.


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