iPhone Apps for the Hunter in You

posted on December 22, 2009

The world has gone mobile. Nowadays, if you can't access the Internet from the far reaches of the earth to pay a bill, check sports scores or order a pizza, you're not in the know. If you've got the ever-popular iPhone—no matter which version—you can undoubtedly do almost anything from the comfort of your handheld smart gadget. In service to our fellow hunters, AmericanHunter.org has surveyed Apple's inventory and come up with the top four app categories for hunters everywhere. If you’re interested, head to the iTunes store and start spending.

Hunting Games
Remember when you had to rely on Nintendo's Gameboy, crossword puzzles or actually reading a book for entertainment on the go? No more, the list of huntingrelated games for your iPhone is a mile long. From first-person shooter to 3D game tracking, there is something for every hunter. Whether you're in your stand, on a plane or just always on the go, these apps help you stay connected to the sport you love.

-3D Hunting Trophy Whitetail 2009
[US$0.99] - With sharp graphics, easy game play,
multiple modes and a trophy room, this app brings 3D to a new level.

-Big Buck Hunter Pro
[US$2.99] – This iPhone version of the arcade game classic features
realistic animal movements, a variety of hunt sites and bucks-a-plenty. Just tap the screen to
shoot and check out your trophy.

-IHunt 3D
[US$0.99] – This is a genuine hunting game, not a simple shooter. Gain cash and
experience as you hunt through different seasons. Purchase a more powerful scope or
camouflage. Headshots and long-distance shots give you extra experience, as well as a
steadier hand and faster reloads.

Tools of the Trade
Rather than head out to purchase dozens of separate gadgets that take up space in your hunting pack or around your neck, why not use your iPhone as an all-in-one tool of the trade?

-Where’s my tree stand?[US$0.99] – Keep tabs on one or all of your tree stands with
iPhone’s GPS-enabled maps. The app identifies your location and then saves it to a list so
you’ll never misplace that stand again.

-TimeToHunt Pro
[US$3.99]– This easy-to-use tool helps you predict when wildlife will be
active and on the move to any location within a 28-day period!

-Survival Pocket Reference

[US$0.99]- Survival skills are now at your fingertips with this
app full of info on basic survival, evasion, first aid and recovery.


[US$2.99] – Get the facts with this user-friendly app that calculates both the
non-typical and typical score of your deer or elk, right in the field!

Weather Watching
Whether (no pun intended) you're duck hunting or chasing whitetails, follow every minute detail of the conditions in your spot with apps for the weather junky in us all.

-Sunrise & Sunset and Moon Phase [US$0.99] - Easy to use, this app does all the work for
you. Calculate sunrise and sunset times, moonrise and moonset times using the GPS feature.
Never get caught in the dark again—unless, of course, you want to.

-USA Weather Maps
[US$0.99] – Get your hands, er, fingers on all of the maps you need to
calculate dew-point, heat index, snow fall depth, jet stream and other weather map info no
matter where you are.

-Wind Meter
[US$0.99] – Don’t get caught unprepared in a nasty wind storm again.
Here’s the perfect tool to measure wind speed for recreational uses like hunting, hiking,
fishing and more.

Worth Mentioning

-iMedjet [Free] - Provided by Medjet, the leader in air-medical evacuations, this app gives
you access to Medjet's medical consultation, mobile medical information storage benefit and
first aid information wherever you go.

-Gas Finder
[US$1.99] - Running low on gas? No worries! With a tap of your finger, this app
provides a list of the closest gas stations with directions!

[US$5.99] -The ultimate in ballistics calculators, this app generates valid 3-DOF
solutions to small arms trajectories, including corrections for pitch, yaw and atmospheric


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