Garmin Introduces Updated Navigation Devices

posted on March 16, 2023
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Garmin has announced the GPSMAP 67 Series and the eTrex SE. These rugged GPS handhelds are packed with tools to help find the way, while enhanced battery life supports longer expeditions. Both feature multi-GNSS for better coverage in challenging environments, though the GPSMAP 67/67i takes it a step further with multi-band support that utilizes multiple frequencies further improving positioning accuracy. Additionally, the GPSMAP 67i with inReach technology lets users stay in contact with friends and family even without cell service, and if needed, trigger an interactive SOS to the 24/7-staffed Garmin ResponseSM Center1.

GPSMAP 67 Series

The GPSMAP 67 Series includes a pair of button-operated handhelds with a three-inch sunlight-readable color display. Both models are powered by internal lithium-ion batteries for extended life, boasting up to 180 hours in standard mode and up to 840 hours in expedition mode. Users can access preloaded TopoActive mapping from Garmin, view satellite imagery and navigate with multi-band GNSS support and sensors to explore with confidence.

Adventurers can also download premium maps with an Outdoor Maps+ subscription, which had previously only been available on a handheld with the Montana 700 Series. They also feature a three-axis compass and barometric altimeter so users can see their altitude and air pressure when at elevation.

Using inReach technology, the GPSMAP 67i enables two-way messaging and location tracking via the 100-percent global Iridium satellite network. Users can trigger an interactive SOS to Garmin Response, a 24/7 staffed professional emergency coordination center, that can communicate with the user in addition to notifying the applicable search and rescue organization or other resources. Garmin Response will provide updates on the status of the response effort. Garmin Response will continue to monitor the incident until it is resolved. For more information on the benefits of an inReach subscription, visit:

eTrex SE

The eTrex SE is the latest iteration in Garmin’s longest-running line of durable, user-friendly handhelds. This entry-level handheld GPS gives adventurers up to 168 hours in standard mode and up to 1,800 hours in expedition mode, with 2 AA batteries (sold separately). It also features an easy-to-read, 2.2-inch high-contrast display, which allows explorers to view waypoints, track location and navigate trails, even in bright sunlight.

The rugged handheld boasts a water rating of IPX7 to withstand stormy weather. Users can also plot the course with a built-in digital compass that provides an accurate heading even when stationary.

When paired with a compatible smartphone, all three devices can utilize the Garmin Explore app to access active weather reports for up-to-date forecasts, plus Geocaching Live for mobile updates and syncing. Even when off-the-grid, the app allows users to load routes and waypoints to their handheld device with or without Wi-Fi or cellular service.

For more information, visit MSRP: GPSMAP 67: $499.99; GPSMAP 67i: $599.99; eTrex SE: $149.99


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