FLIR Announces New Scion Thermal Monocular Models with Longer Range Detection

posted on January 15, 2020

FLIR Systems has announced the expansion of its popular Scion Outdoor Thermal Monocular (OTM) and Professional Thermal Monocular (PTM) series with new 25mm or 36mm lens models for longer range detection.

Along with the company’s high-performance Boson thermal core, the new 25mm lens extends viewing capabilities up to 765 yards, while the 36mm lens offers up to 1,093 yards. The increased viewing range allows users to quickly detect objects at extreme distances, and a new manual focus feature customizes your viewing preference.

Both the Scion OTM and PTM are available with either a 9 or 60 hertz refresh rate, and include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity capabilities, two gigabytes of internal storage and a microSD card slot to record geotagged video or still images, an IP67-rated green or black housing, picture-in-picture zoom and GPS functionality. On top of that, a new Lock Span Mode creates exceptionally detailed images by preventing unwanted temperature detection with a locked temperature range.

The Scion OTM and PTM 25mm models are available now with an MSRP of $3,495. The 36mm lens models will be shipping in March with an MSRP of $3,995.

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