First Look: TriStar Setter ST Over/Under .410 Bore

posted on June 24, 2016

Though it's not quite in its heyday anymore, the over/under shotgun remains a popular purchase in certain circles. Whether you intend to bust clays, hunt upland game or turn your scattergun on small game, an over/under remains a very viable options. And there's no shortage of options on the market. Most, though, will set you back a thousand bills, if not more. In recent years, TriStar Arms has tried to change that with its Turkish-made Setter ST. Originally available in 12- and 20-gauge models, the Setter ST line has recently expanded to include editions in 28 gauge and .410 bore. I had the chance to take a closer look at the .410 model this summer. Here are five things you need to know.

5. It's a sub-gauge shotgun, on a true sub-gauge frame.
The .410 version of the Setter ST launched at the same time as the 28-gauge variant—a full year later than the 12- and 20-gauge models. Among the reasons for the delay was TriStar's insistence that both shotguns be built on frames that were true to their name. The 28-gauge, for example, hasn't just been made to work with a 20-gauge frame, and the .410 bore comes complete with a true .410 frame, too.

4. The bores are chrome-lined.
TriStar also insisted on chrome-lining the bores of the Setter ST line. That's not something you'd expect to find on a "budget" shotgun.

3. It ships with a full set of chokes.
Yes, even the .410 bore model ships with its own set of chokes—no fixed choke here. Each Setter ST includes five Beretta/Benelli mobile-style choke tubes (SK, IC, M, IM, F).

2. She shoots!
I can attest that the .410 bore Setter ST is a sweet shooting little scattergun. American Hunter's Associate Editor, Jon Draper, and I took it to the trap range and on a squirrel hunt during Virginia's spring 2016 season. It performed admirably. The other guys at the range that day were actually shocked to find out that the shotgun in my hands was a .410, after watching it bust a few games worth of clays. The squirrels, meanwhile, weren't keen on cooperating—but the one little bugger that presented himself isn't getting any older. Next up is rabbit season this fall.

1. It's value-priced. In a big way.
The folks at TriStar call themselves "The Value Experts," and they delivered in a big with the entirety of the Setter ST line. The .410 model ships with an MSRP of $565, and has been spotted on shelves in the low- to mid-$400 dollar range. I guarantee you won't beat that.

Want to know more? Never fear. The Setter ST is due for a full review in the September print edition of American Hunter. Stay tuned.


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