First Look: Savage 110 Trail Hunter

posted on October 17, 2023
Savage 110 Trail Hunter

Savage Arms has announced the release of its 110 Trail Hunter. As any hunter knows, a do-it-all hunting rifle needs to stand up to the elements no matter the conditions—for this reason, Savage has teamed up with Hogue to introduce the 110 Trail Hunter.

Buttstock with rubber recoil pad

“We’re beyond excited to reveal this latest addition to our lineup of firearms designed for hunters,” said Beth Shimanski, director of marketing at Savage Arms. “The 110 Trail Hunter is made for any shooter looking to enhance their performance. This firearm is perfect for hunters who want to outlast the elements and make every shot count.”

110 Trail hunter on white left and right

Hogue Overmolded rifle stocks are deigned specifically to provide good grip and ergonomics. The full-coverage OD Green rubber over-molding on the stock provides the user with a firm hold on the rifle even in wet conditions. Further adding to its all-weather pedigree, a Cerakote ceramic coating on the barreled action helps seal out the worst that mother nature can dish out. A three-position safety allows the bolt to be locked, for worry-free carry through the deerwoods.

Barrel and muzzle thread protector

This new rifle not only comes chambered in popular predator, varmint and deer calibers, it is also chambered in some of the newest and most advanced straight wall and magnum cartridges available.                                             

Additional Features

  • Button rifling
  • Threaded, medium-heavy barrel
  • Two sling swivel studs
  • Two-piece Weaver style bases
  • 5-6 pound user-adjustable AccuTrigger
  • Detachable box magazine holding 2-4 rounds

Part No. / Description / MSRP

  • 58030 / 110 Trail Hunter, .223 Remington 22-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58031 / 110 Trail Hunter, .243 Winchester 22-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58032 / 110 Trail Hunter, 6.5 Creedmoor 22-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58033 / 110 Trail Hunter, 7mm-08 22-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58034 / 110 Trail Hunter, .308 Winchester 22-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58035 / 110 Trail Hunter, 350 Legend 18-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58036 / 110 Trail Hunter, 400 Legend 20-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58037 / 110 Trail Hunter, .270 Winchester 22-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58038 / 110 Trail Hunter, .30-06 Springfield 22-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58039 / 110 Trail Hunter, 6.5 PRC 24-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58040 / 110 Trail Hunter, .300 WSM 24-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58041 / 110 Trail Hunter, 7mm Remington Magnum 24-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58042 / 110 Trail Hunter, 7mm PRC 22-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58043 / 110 Trail Hunter, .300 Winchester Magnum 24-inch Barrel / $629
  • 58137 / 110 Trail Hunter, 450 Bushmaster 20-inch Barrel / $629

To learn more about the new 110 Trail Hunter visit


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