First Look: Remington Premier CuT Ammunition

posted on January 22, 2024
Remington Premier Cut Ammo Lead

For 85 years, America has enjoyed the benefits of hunting with Remington’s proprietary Core-Lokt bullet, and in many instances, it will fill the freezer just as well as it did when Franklin Roosevelt was president. But those hunters of 1939 couldn’t have envisioned the incredible optics and rifle quality we enjoy today, or the advancements in bullet technology. Just as scopes, cartridges and barrels have evolved, so has the Remington line of bullets, including Core-Lokt, though the original remains intact for future generations to enjoy. Core-Lokt Tipped came first, treating the classic bullet to a fancy green polymer tip, then along came Core-Lokt Copper, a monometal hollowpoint bullet built tough as nails.

Remington Premier CuT ammunition in box held by male wearing camouflage.

The desire for bullets with higher ballistic coefficient (BC) values continues, as more energy will be retained, trajectories will be flatter and the effect of crosswind drift will be minimized. Big Green has extended the proprietary bullet family to now include the Premier CuT—short for Copper Tipped. Equipped with an opaque green polymer tip, a sleek ogive and boattail, the Premier CuT line will give monometal terminal performance in a conformation perfect for hunting at any sane range. The polymer tip acts as a means of maintaining BC values and as a means of initiating expansion; there is a hollow cavity underneath into which the tip is driven, so that even at lower impact velocities (read longer shot distances) the CuT will expand. Being a lead-free bullet, you’ll see bullet weights run slightly lighter than normal, especially in the standard, classic cartridges.

Remington Premier CuT lead free bullet.

Reaching out to Remington’s Joel Hodgdon, he reported that “As a tipped, modern projectile, CuT’s higher ballistic coefficient makes it a better option for longer range hunts/shots compared to our Core-Lokt Copper. CuT also uses different groove geometry and a boattail to help its aerodynamic efficiency. While we don’t disclose our secret sauce, CuT’s alloy is also different than Core-Lokt Copper.” So, as you can see, Remington’s new CuT gives an entirely different hunting experience, perfect for hunting in any state or province, up close or far away.

I have had the opportunity to put the 300 Winchester Magnum CuT load on paper, and can happily report that the 180-grain slugs printed three-shot groups averaging ¾-MOA at 100 yards, with velocity spreads under 25 fps.

Available in 6.5 Creedmoor at 120 grains, 6.5 PRC at 130 grains, .270 Winchester at 140 grains, 7mm-08 Remington at 140 grains, 7mm Remington Magnum at 150 grains, 7mm PRC at 160 grains, .308 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield at 150 grains and .300 Winchester Magnum at 180 grains.

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