First Look: New Ammo for 2010

posted on March 11, 2010

ALLIANT POWDER’s American-made Extra-Lite shotshell propellant has a density enabling the use of standard, readily available components, such as wads and hulls, and it’s clean-burning and less expensive. Complete combustion is assured across varying temperatures.

BARNES BULLETS adds to its Triple-Shock X-Bullet (TSX) line a .224 50-grain flat-base, .338 285-grain boattail (for .338 Lapua Mag.) and a .375 350-grain flat-base. A new Banded Solid in the same caliber and weight complements the latter. Additions to the Tipped Triple-Shock X-Bullet (TTSX) line are: .264 100 grain; .284 110-grain; .308 200-grain; .323 160-grain; and .338 185- and 265-grain. New Barnes Buster offerings include: .429 300-grain; .451 325-grain; .458 400-grain (.45-70); and .500 400-grain.

BLACK HILLS Factory-New rifle offerings now include a 62-grain Barnes TSX .223 and a 300-grain Sierra MatchKing .338 Norma Mag. In the Gold rifle lineup, the company adds: .243 Win. 58-grain Hornady V-Max; .25-06 117-grain Hornady SST; and .260 139-grain Lapua Scenar.

COR-BON introduces its Pro Hunter (PH) line for dangerous game. The new ammo includes loads for the .416 Rem. Mag. to the .505 Gibbs and most everything in between, topped with either Barnes TSX hollow-point or Banded Solid bullets.

ENVIRON-METAL (Hevi-Shot) now offers No. 7 shot as an option in its Hevi-13 products, with the 20-gauge 3-inch load featuring 11/4 ounces and the 12-gauge 3- and 31/2-inch shells using 2 and 21/4 ounces, respectively. The shot size is also now an option in Classic Doubles. Magnum Blend is a Hevi-13 line extension, and contains No. 5, 6 and 7 size shot in proportions that provide optimal pattern density and downrange lethality. These loads will initially be offered in 12-gauge 3- and 31/2-inch lengths. Dead Coyote is now offered with 00 Buck in both 12- and 10-gauge 31/2-inch lengths.

FEDERAL PREMIUM extends its V-Shok line with a 50-grain Sierra BlitzKing .220 Swift load, as well as 32- and 30-grain Speer TNT Green rounds in .204 Ruger and .22 Hornet, respectively. In Vital-Shok, the company offers the 140-grain Trophy Bonded Tip in 7mm Rem. Mag. and 7mm WSM. For .30-06, Federal now loads the 110-grain Barnes TTSX. For dangerous game, Premium Safari loads in 9.3x62mm, 9.3x74mm R, .470 Nitro Express and .500 Nitro Express are available with TSX bullets. Similarly, most cartridges loaded with Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer and TSX projectiles are also now available with Barnes Banded Solids and Swift A-Frames. For handguns, the company adds two 3-inch .410 loads for the Taurus Judge. Prairie Storm shotshells combine Federal’s FliteControl wad and a mixed shot charge—70 percent copper-plated lead/30 percent nickel-plated FliteStopper lead—for more consistent patterns and penetration. Initial loads are in 12-gauge 23/4- and 3-inch, and 20-gauge 3-inch in Nos. 4, 5 and 6. Black Cloud Snow Goose FS Steel shotshells in 12-gauge 3-inch have 11/8 ounces of BB or No. 2 shot at 1635 fps. Federal’s Personal Defense shotshells in 12-gauge 23/4-inch have 34 No. 4 Buck pellets, and in 20-gauge 23/4-inch have 24 No. 4 Buck. A 12-gauge 23/4-inch version with the FlightControl wad and nine No. 00 Buck pellets is also available.

FIOCCHI AMMUNITION’s 12-gauge, 23/4- and 3-inch Tundra lead-free shotshells are available in three shot densities—8.0 g/cc, 9.5 g/cc and 12.5 g/cc—to cover all price points. The tungsten-iron-fluropolymer-shot, safe for standard chokes and older-models, is available in 20- and 28-gauge 3-inch featuring 9.5 g/cc. In the Extrema line, the company adds .22 Hornet, .222 Rem., .204 Ruger, .22-.250 Rem., 6.5x55mm Swedish, .30-30 Win. and .300 Win. Mag.

FUSION’s rifle ammunition now includes: 55-grain .22-.250 Rem.; 120-grain 7mm-08 Rem.; 123-grain 7.62x39mm; and 180-grain .35 Whelen. For handguns, there’s a 325-grain .500 S&W Mag. load. Fusion technology is also now utilized in a series of shotgun slugs, available in 12- and 20-gauge and 23/4- and 3-inch lengths, feature 7/8-ounce slugs. Component Fusion bullets for handgun and rifle will also be available in 2010.

GAMO USA’s new .177-caliber pellets feature color-coded polymer tips. The 5.4-grain Blueflame is a non-lead pellet, while both the 8-grain Redfire and 7.8-grain Glowfire are made from lead.

HORNADY launches Superformance ammunition. Using propellant blends, the company achieves 100-200 fps extra velocity over Custom loads without significantly increasing price, pressure or recoil. The LeverEvolution line extends with a 150-grain GMX FT in .30-30 Win., as well as a 250-grain GMX FT in .45-70. In the Varmint Express rimfire line, the company adds a lead-free 15.5-grain NTX .17 Mach 2 load and the same bullet is used in the .17 HMR. A 25-grain NTX is featured in the .22 WMR. In the Dangerous Game series, the company adds a 286-grain SP-RP InterLock 9.3x62mm. And there’s now a 300-grain, .50-caliber FPB muzzleloader option. As for component bullets, the company makes available the 90-grain .243 and the 130-grain .277 GMX, as well as a host of FTX bullets ranging from .308 160-grain to .452 225-grain.

IMR POWDER’s 8208 XBR propellant offers virtually no change in velocity from minus 40 degrees to 165 degrees, as well as uniform metering and excellent load density for consistent charges. The propellant is ideal for cartridges like .204 Ruger, .223 Rem., .22-.250 Rem., 6mm BR, 6mm PPC and .308 Win.

NOSLER has a non-lead variant of its renowned Ballistic Tip Varmint bullet. Initially offered in .204 32-grain, .224 35- and 40-grain, and .243 55-grain, lead-free Ballistic Tip Varmint bullets, which feature fragmenting cores and thin copper jackets, will have the same suggested retail price as standard Ballistic Tip bullets. In the Ballistic Silvertip line, the company adds .204 32-grain and .323 180-grain spitzers, as well as a .458 300-grain round-nose. New E-Tip offerings include: .257 100-grain; .284 140-grain; .308 168-grain; and .323 180-grain. There’s also a new AccuBond, a .277 100-grain spitzer. As for ammo, new to Trophy Grade are: .223 Rem. 40-grain Ballistic Tip; .22-.250 Rem. 55-grain Ballistic Tip; 6.5x55mm Swedish Mauser 140-grain AccuBond; 7mm Rem. Mag. 140-grain AccuBond; .308 Win. 168-grain Custom Competition; and .300 Remington Ultra Mag. 180-grain Partition.

REMINGTON broadens its Premier Copper-Solid offerings with a 150-grain .30-30 Win. as well as 165-grain loads in .30-06, .300 Win. Mag. and .300 Remington Ultra Mag. There’s also a 150-grain Core-Lokt PSP load for the new .30 Rem. AR. Other introductions include a 250-grain soft-point .338 Marlin Express and 260-grain AccuTip .450 Bushmaster.
SPEER offers metallic cartridge handloaders new rifle and handgun bullets for 2010. Called Deep Curl, the soft-points (hollow-points for handguns) are electro-chemically bonded for higher weight retention and deeper penetration, all at an economical price. Deep Curl will be offered in rifle calibers ranging from .243 to .338 and handguns currently only in .357. Deep Curl will replace the Gold Dot Handgun Hunting line; however, Gold Dot for personal protection is still available, and now includes a .312, 100-grain hollow-point (HP), as well as a .355 90-grain short-barrel HP. Speer will also offer .204 32- and 39-grain TNT Green bullets as components. For practice, Speer now has both Plinker rifle and handgun bullets in a range of caliber and bullet weights.

Deep Curl from Remington
TRADITIONS debuts its Smackdown SST sabot-style muzzleloading bullet made by Hornady with a polymer tip, copper jacket and lead core for wonderful accuracy and terminal performance. For the range, try the new Plinker bullet that will get your muzzleloader on paper without destroying your retirement.

WEATHERBY AMMUNITION has gone in the opposite direction as the inflating economy with its budget-priced ammo. At $29 for standard calibers and $39 for .257 Wby. and .300 Wby., a box of 20 loaded, spitzer-tipped cartridges will no longer break the bank.

WINCHESTER AMMUNITION Power Max bonded rifle cartridges offer a perfect option for deer hunters who need accurate, quality, yet economical ammo. For shotgun hunters, the Supreme Elite Dual Bond sabot round utilizes a “bullet within a bullet” projectile that creates a massive wound channel with its deadly, copper-petal expansion and stellar accuracy. For varmints, Winchester unleashes its Explosive Technology featuring a fragmenting copper-core bullet in lead-free .223 and .22-250. As a tribute to founder Oliver Winchester’s 200th birthday, Winchester unwraps a commemorative line of classic ammunition in .22 LR, .45 Colt and .30-30 Win., complete with nostalgic packaging. Winchester is striking fear into the hearts of criminals with its innovative new line of threat-stopping ammo called Bonded PDX1, designed to meet stringent FBI protocols to expand rapidly but retain integrity and weight. It’s available in popular handgun calibers and also in 12-gauge and .410-bore shotguns loads. The 12-gauge contains a slug combined with three 00 buck pellets while the .410-bore cartridge contains three Defense Disks—disk-shaped pellets—surrounded by BB shot to provide maximum damage at close range.


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