First Look: Mossberg 940 Waterfowl Optics-Ready Models

posted on January 5, 2024
940 Pro Waterfowl And Snow Goose

Launched in 2021, the Mossberg 940 Pro Waterfowl and the 940 Pro Snow Goose 12-gauge autoloaders have provided waterfowlers with durable, high-performance shotguns built for extremes. Now Mossberg is taking these shotguns to the next level with an optic-ready receiver, designed to accept the direct mounting of RMSc-pattern micro-dot optics. A cover plate is included for when there is no optic mounted. Further, the 940 Pro Waterfowl will wear a new camo-finished stock and fore-end with Mossy Oak's newest pattern—Vintage Shadow Grass.

For added protection and corrosion resistance, Mossberg’s 940 Pro Waterfowl Series features Cerakoted metal surfaces. Twenty-eight-inch chrome-lined barrels are equipped with HIVIZ CompSight front fiber-optic sights, for easy acquisition when not using a reflex. Durable synthetic fore-ends and self-draining stocks round the firearm out as a true, marsh-ready workhorse. Further toward these ends, the 940 Pro sports a nickel boron-coating on internal components (gas piston, magazine tube, hammer, sear, and return spring tube), stainless steel rings, and a hard-anodized aluminum return-spring plunger.

Designed for reliable performance, the 940 Pro includes a gas system that may run up to 1,500 rounds before cleaning, and will cycle factory-manufactured 2.75- or 3-inch ammunition that is 1 1/8-ounce or greater. Standard features include an oversized, beveled loading port with a redesigned elevator and shell catch to allow for efficient and pinch-free loading into the magazine tube; a slim-profile fore-end and stock configurable for LOP (13-14.25-inches), drop and cast; and an oversized charging handle and paddle-style bolt release for ease of operation through waterfowl gear. 

940 Pro Waterfowl Optic Ready

940 Pro Waterfowl Optic Ready

This optic-ready 12-gauge, 3-inch autoloader features a 28-inch AccuChoke-compatible vent-rib barrel equipped with a HIVIZ CompSight front-fiber-optic sight. An extended X-Factor Modified choke tube and flush Full and Improved Cylinder chokes are included. Metal surfaces (receiver and barrel) wear a weather-resistant Cerakote finish in Patriot Brown, which naturally blends with the Mossy Oak Vintage Shadow Grass camouflaged stock and fore-end. Rounding out this package is aggressive Mossberg signature texturing on the fore-end and stock; sling swivel studs; five-round capacity; optic-cut receiver; drilled and tapped receiver; and an ambidextrous safety. MSRP: $1,246

940 Pro Snow Goose Optic ready

940 Snow Goose Optic Ready—13 Shot and 5-Shot

Two optic-ready versions of this 12-gauge, 3-inch fowling shotgun are available, with a 28-inch barrel length and an extended magazine tube on the 13-shot version for areas where capacity is not restricted. The vent-rib barrel is topped with a HIVIZ CompSight front-fiber-optic sight and comes with an extended X-Factor Modified choke and flush-fit Full and Improved Cylinder choke tubes. Battleship Gray Cerakote finish is featured on the receiver and barrel, with complementing TrueTimber Viper Snow camouflage covering the stock and fore-end. Other features include aggressive Mossberg signature texturing on the stock and fore-end; sling swivel studs; optic-cut receiver; drilled and tapped receiver; and a top-mounted safety for ease of use by right or left-handed shooters. MSRP:  $1,323

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