First Look: Canvas Cutter Fortress 2.0 Bedroll

posted on October 18, 2022
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The Fortress 2.0 Bedroll, by Canvas Cutter, boasts the same features as the company's Dominator 2.0 Bedroll in a slightly smaller package, to combine packability with durability and comfort. It is targeted at hunters, backpackers, anglers, or any outdoor adventurers seeking a great night’s sleep in a more compact bedroll. The Fortress 2.0 is available as a bedroll only or a bundle, which includes Canvas Cutter’s dense, high-quality foam pad, and the company's Standard Pole System. Both are compatible with The Mesh screened liner accessory for an open-air or highly ventilated sleep experience that locks out annoying insects and other creepy crawlers.

Fortress 2.0 Lifestyle image

To yield both room and comfort, The Fortress 2.0 Bedroll measures 30-inches wide in the shoulder area and tapers to a 24-inch width in the footbox. Sidewall heights taper from 14 to 11 inches. The Fortress 2.0 Bedroll is built on a \foundation of \durable 12-ounce canvas that is dual-treated to defy both water and mildew with a breathable polyurethane coating on the inside that ensures comfortable and dry sleeping. All seams are double stitched for longevity, then \taped for additional water and weather resistance.

The Fortress 2.0’s heavy-duty YKK zipper is resilient against mud, dirt, and other elements. It features four zipper pulls that facilitate smooth operation for ingress and egress, as well as \ventilation for temperature and airflow regulation. Built-in ventilation covers provide protection from the elements when vents are open. The bedroll also features robust nylon cinch straps and quick-release buckles with a tensile strength of 1,700 pounds for secure packing and transport.

For more information on this six-pound sleep system, visit MSRP: $485.97 (Fortress 2.0 Bundle) / $324.97 (Fortress 2.0 Bedroll only)


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