Craig Boddington Announces Virtual Hunters Convention

posted on January 20, 2021

The 2021 Craig Boddington Hunters Convention is headed online. With the response to COVID the timing could not be better for members of Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitters. Most hunting conventions are cancelled. Boddington knew a spectacular online convention was key to our outfitters’ comeback in 2021. The continuation of hunting is a life and death situation for conservation, anti-poaching teams and the communities that rely on hunting for their livelihood. The Virtual Hunters Convention is exclusively for Boddington’s endorsed outfitters. 

Craig Boddington

“I created this online convention to help you find my favorite outfitters in a season of canceled conventions. Each outfitter you meet during this convention was handpicked and vetted with at least one visit. You can book with complete confidence. You can visit all our booths in your slippers and at your convenience without you or the outfitter needing to buy a plane ticket. What about the personal interaction? We covered it. On each booth you’ll see a button to “Schedule Skype.” Click on the button and you’ll have a face-to-face discussion scheduled in no time. The money saved in travel can go to all kinds of efforts from anti-poaching, conservation projects, local schools and facilities. It’s a win not only for the outfitters but for all of the attendees,” said Boddington. 

Attendees can register to win a trip to join Craig Boddington on a salmon trip during the Black Gold Lodge Craig Boddington 11th Annual Salmon Fishing Tournament. 

Live seminars? Craig will have them. Starting with a live virtual cocktail party at 6:30 CST on Jan. 22, 2021 then moving on to a Q&A with Donna Boddington at the same time on Jan. 23, a chat with Jim Morando and a seminar on filming hunts and gearing up for North America in 2021. Each night, a winner or two will be announced from the convention sweepstakes. 

Boddington looks forward to seeing hunters from around the world in the live seminars or on the virtual show floor. All of the outfitters are prepared to have one-on-one conversations with hunters. Join at, sign up for our newsletter and enter to win our sweepstakes.

About Craig Boddington
Craig Boddington is one of today’s most respected outdoor journalists. He spent the past forty years exploring our natural world as a hunter and sharing his knowledge and experiences in dozens of books and through thousands of published articles and essays, and is a regular contributor to our own American Hunter magazine. He’s a decorated Marine, an award-winning author, and continues to be a leading voice for conservation and ethical hunting around the world.


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