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Hiperfire Debuts Next Gen Compensators

Hiperfire Debuts Next Gen Compensators

Hiperfire has reduced the size and pricing of their first generation compensators, while simultaneously improving recoil reduction. To do so, the 5.56 NATO and 9mm Luger comps had to have the same form factor as the Mil Birdcage flash hider, while still exceeding previous recoil performance.

Instead of finding this combination using traditional trial and error techniques, Hiperfire took a different approach. By using Fluent computational fluid dynamics software from ANSYS, the company was able to iterate faster while retaining lower development costs. This resulted in the Hipercomp 556 and 9mm Next Gen compensators, along with the Hipercomp 762 Next Gen for 7.62 NATO AR10 and 7.62 Russian AK rifles, from which the company promises unparalleled recoil reduction.

For more information, please visit hiperfire.comMSRP: $69-79

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