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First Look: Avian-X HDR Strutter Decoy

First Look: Avian-X HDR Strutter Decoy

The Heavy Duty Realism (HDR) Strutter, from Avian-X, adds an aggressive poster to their lineup, designed specifically to fool more dominant longbeards. A modular design brings realism and flexibility to the setup, allowing for customization when using advanced tactics on mature birds. These options include two different heads to mimic two moods and dominance structures within the flock. The Flag Head (red-white-blue) represents the passive, sub-dominate longbeard, while the Snowball Head (white) represents the dominant longbeard in the flock who does most of the breeding. Hunters can change the heads in seconds in the field, depending on circumstance. 

In terms of construction, the HDR Strutter boasts a tail that is injection molded from a translucent material, for a lifelike fan. It collapses to pack into a turkey vest. The fan adjusts between a tom and jake, simply by shortening the outermost tail fan sections. Of course, for the most realistic look, the HDR Strutter does allow folks to substitute real feathers in place of the included tail. 

Next, the HDR Strutter features removeable wing primaries to reduce bulk, and create the natural wing position of a strutting tom. Another boon to portability, the decoy is 15-percent smaller than life to make bagging and transport easy. The synthetic beard is adjustable to switch between jake and tom, and a stake holds the decoy steady while allowing for natural movement. 

For more on this true-to-life decoy, check out avian-x.comMSRP: $249.99

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